Rental Rate Levels

Ed Video exists to support the work of artists, and to make the creation of their work more achievable by offering affordable access to equipment. We also understand that some artists generate an income that supports their creative endeavors by doing work for others. Therefore we have rates that are applicable to each type of activity.

Only current Ed Video members can rent equipment. Rate Levels are applied to individual projects, not the user. 

The Artist Rate is for creative works in which the renter is the primary creator and has complete creative control/copyright. The project must be funded independently or through arts council granting programs. 
The Artist Rate is for projects such as:
  • Experimental video & media art
  • Self-initiated documentaries
  • Short and full-length fiction films
  • Audio art
  • Self-initiated photography projects
  • Music videos, provided that the renter is a member of the musical act.
The Profit Rate is for projects being done on behalf of for-profit organizations, individuals and companies (regardless of how or if the renter is being paid).
The Profit Rate is for projects such as:
  • Commercial work such as advertisements, promotional videos, product demonstrations and tourism videos
  • Documentation of events or skill instruction
  • Hired work for business or individuals
  • Work done for the member's own business or services, such as those listed above

The Community Rate is for community projects and work done for individuals. This rate applies regardless of whether the member/renter is being paid for their work. The Community Rate is for projects such as:
  • Videography for or by non-profit organizations, charities, community groups
  • Wedding and personal videos
  • Arts events such as festivals and exhibitions
  • Music videos, where the member/renter is not a member of the musical act. 
  • Hired work for independent media projects wherein the member is not the primary creator/copyright holder