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Coming Up:

The Image Makers (experiential group learning)
Tuesday December 12th at 6:30pm
Free for members
Work as a small group to replicate a lighting setup. This month, we'll recreate a shot from "A Serious Man".
More details and registration
Coming in early 2018:

In 2018, Ed Video will be doing an overhaul of the way we approach and offer education. This will mean that we offer fewer single session workshops, and more production programs, experiential learning events, courses, and some unusual creative experiences.

Ed Video's AV Club- A collaborative video production program for youth (ages 16-21)
Ed TV- Livestreaming event where creators take over the internet 'airwaves' in a marathon of video brilliance (and/or lunacy)
Play Proposition V- The fifth and final installment of our "challenge-based" production program which pushes video makers to create new types of work, develop new skills, and stretch their creative muscles.
Artist Incubator- A production program which brings together mid-career and established video and audio makers who are looking to take their skill set to the next level, reinvent their craft, or develop new techniques.
Video Production 101 Course- A comprehensive course which will teach newcomers about the conception, production and post-production of video production.
The Image Makers- We'll continue our monthly cinematography and lighting exercises.
Some single-session workshops will still be available on an on-demand basis, where we will set a date for sessions when enough people have expressed interest.


We often add new workshops and events. Please check back regularly for changes.