Intro to Camera Operation (for video production)

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5 hours
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This  workshop will provide participants with an understanding of the core skills and approach of a good camera operator. Learn how to set up a camera on a tripod, adjust key settings to achieve a nice looking image, framing, and stabilizing shots.

Workshop Outline
Lecture and Examples
  • Skillsets and functions of a camera operator
  • Types of Cameras (qualities of each)
  • Description of Frame Rate, Aperture, Shutter and ISO/Gain
  • Automatic White Balance
  • Resolution: High-Definition, 4K, and what it all means
  • Codec Basics 
  • Setting up a Tripod
  • Mounting a Camera to the Tripod
  • Installing the Battery and Media
  • Attaching a Lens
  • Setting Frame Rate
  • Setting Shutter Speed
  • Setting the ISO 
  • Adjusting the Aperture
  • Composing a shot
  • Setting White Balance 
  • Using Meters and Histograms to set Exposure
  • Setting the Exposure by Eye
  • Brief description of Picture Profiles and Recording Types
  • Setting up for an interview with a standing subject
  • Setting up for an interview with a seated subject
  • Racking Focus
  • Pulling Focus
  • Panning with a Subject
  • Handheld Operation (operator is static, subject is in motion)
  • Handheld Operation (operator and subject are in motion)
About the Instructor
All workshops are held at Ed Video, 404 York Road, Guelph, unless otherwise indicated