Steven's Ed Video Co-Op Placement Experience

To start it off, choosing to do a co-op is a good idea. It’s probably going to be a choice a student is going to wish they’ve done sooner if they’ve known how beneficial it is. It’s like giving learning a different flavor. The usual bland taste of school is given an umph that cannot be gotten in normal classes in high school. Choosing to have a co-op at Ed Video Media Arts Centre is undoubtedly, one of the better choices I’ve made so far in my high school years.

I’ve learned plenty of things while being here at Ed Video.  Being here every day gives me plenty of chances to learn. At Ed Video, you’ll learn how to use various video cameras, learn how to edit using final cut pro, get a chance to use the music and audio from sound track pro, learn about the different types of lights available, and learn how to set up and adjust light stands and tripods. Aside from being able to learn hands on, watching the previously made videos on the Ed Video’s youtube account can also help anyone learn what wasn’t taught to them yet. They’ve also give me chances just to play around with the cameras in the beginning to let me see the differences in the camera lenses and cameras, and all the different modes the different cameras have. Definitely, because of all the editing I’ve done here, I’ve become better at editing in general, and know little tips and tricks that help when editing.

What I do at Ed Video varies day to day. You don’t do things constantly day after day after day but do whatever is available. For me, I’ve done things like taking part in creating designs using pine cones in the gallery for a few days to sketching out storyboards and filming videos other days.  I’ve edited previously filmed videos, created and edited my own videos, set up for interviews, created a poster for upcoming workshops, animated text, updated Ed Video’s website and various other tasks such as photocopying and getting the mail. I also get the usual labour every other co-op has like cleaning up and such but that’s a given. I’m usually always busy and if I don’t have anything to do for some reason, I just talk to the staff, and I immediately have something else to keep me occupied.

Coming to Ed Video for a co-op will definitely not disappoint. You’ll meet all sorts of nice people, learn a lot about cameras, lights, software like photoshop and will give you a feel of how it is to work in a similar sector as this. Being a student, I’m stressed because of school, but coming here removes some of that stress and I become more positive. If you’re unsure if you like the communications field, take the coop. If you’re sure, take it anyways! Make your interests grow during the time spent at Ed video. Overall, Ed Video is a great place to be if you’re interested in the communications field and should be greatly considered when looking for a coop. Don’t miss your chance to be a part of the coolest artist run centre ever!